Workshop | Communicate your research project to a broader audience

We offer different offline and online course on developing skills and abilities of researchers and activists on how to communicate more effectively.  Our workshops intend to empower researchers and activists on how to better communicate their projects more effectively, using design methods and existing online tools to create projects specifically targeted to their  audience.

Workshops include topics like  (a) tools and new formats for research communication; (b) understanding your audience needs (c) designing user-centered projects/reports (d) and dialogue process facilitation.

During the year of 2016, we intend to carry out 6 different 2- to 5-day courses in Brazil and Germany on how to communicate projects more effectively. Courses should take place in research organizations and non-governmental organizations and will target researchers, professors and students. If you're interested in hosting a custom-tailored workshop in your organization, just contact us.

Our workshops are usually made available online in multimedia interactive reports that contains all the important elements and lessons from the workshop. Although the experience of seeing it virtually is not the same, this is the way we found to recycle our workshop efforts and make the content available to a wider audience.

Check out below two examples of multimedia reports from two of our workshops.